Commercial and Historical Restoration

Historical Restoration

We specialize in Restoration. Helping you renew and integrate structures flawlessly. B.A.M has completed over 500 restoration projects with expertise and success.

Commercial Restoration

We can work with professional designers and developers to bring your space back to life. Making it safe for public use and creating a fortified and historically sound structure.

Commercial Construction

B.A.M can build your dream structure, brick by brick with our team of professionals, from foundation to complete rebuild. leaving you with a beautiful aesthetic and finish.

Permits and Safety

In everything we do attention to detail is paramount. At B.A.M we insure permits where necessary, upholding regulatory standards, while affording you safety and a peace of mind.

Maintenance and Warranty

Setting us apart from the competition we offer certified maintenance plans and free warranty for all of our services. We stand by our craftsmanship. We got you covered with B.A.M.

Aesthetics and Finish

Using the best raw materials and color matching products on the market, the end result with B.A.M is nothing short of the best in Quality and Craftsmanship.

Church Restoration

Brick Aid Masonry’s competence with church restoration services has been tempered by time and is highly specialized. Our knowledge of renovation permeates any stone wall or brick chimney, transforming old surfaces into polished new facades. Count on us to work within a reasonable budget and to conserve your community’s place of worship, maintaining its original vision.

School Restoration

Did you know that something as trivial as moisture could cause a structure to crumble from mold? A second home to children through the day, school buildings deserve the utmost protection. Trained to inspect your building for damage. We can identify current or future liabilities. Such as uprooting stairs and walkways. Our commercial Masonry services work to resolve your schools needs with care. B.A.M is a name you can trust. Our commercial masonry services work with your budget to resolve your school’s need with care and intuition.

Strip Mall Restoration

When it comes to reforming the structure of strip malls, a place visited by thousands every day, no task is too trivial or too complicated, for us. The more a building is exposed to inclement conditions, the more risk it poses to crumble. Our services for strip mall restorations range from something as simple as renewing, to the more sophisticated projects of replacing hundreds of bricks.

Commercial Services By B.A.M

Brick Aid Masonry’s value is in being morally-sound and fair in practice. We work hard to make sure our clients are content, and, at peace, trusting us with their requirements. Our unique warranty system, applicable to both restorations and rebuilds, is one of the many initiatives that set us apart.

B.A.M carefully evaluates client concerns and works to offer the most practical solution for every budget level. When it comes to commercial masonry, we are on or above par, as compared to our competition. Get in touch with us, today, to understand how we can help you better!

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