Tuck Pointing

Over time, mortar breaks down at a faster rate than the brick or stonework it holds together. Fine lines begin to appear, followed by larger cracks and crumbling. This deterioration will eventually allow moisture to compromise the integrity of the masonry, leading to unsightly (and expensive) water damage. If left unchecked, disintegrating mortar may require an entire structure to be dismantled and rebuilt.

Tuckpointing repairs mortar joints before the problem becomes unmanageable. The compromised layer of old mortar is removed and the joint refilled with fresh product. Mortar joints typically maintain their integrity for twenty to thirty years, and older buildings should be checked regularly for signs of deterioration. At Brick Aid Masonry, we can determine whether or not your mortar needs attention and give you an exact quote on the scope and cost of tuckpointing to stop a water problem before it begins.

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